The first post…

What am I doing trying to write a blog!?! I can’t even keep up on my homework half the time! Nevertheless, here I am. What is this blog going to be about? The idea is to write science stuff. Yes, I said “stuff.” I am studying Applied Physics at the wonderful and wild California State University, Chico. I am also a family man. What was I thinking? So, I would like to post on here scientific reports of my own writing. Of course this is mostly going to be things like my lab reports or my attempt at an explanation of some principle I have recently learned, or maybe something I know quite well that I feel like talking about. I have one request for everyone, if you find an error…. TELL ME!!! Right there in the comments. Don’t be an ass about it but let’s do ensure correct information is posted.

Oh yea, Mars. There will definitely be posting about Mars and human exploration and settlement of space on here. That’s kinda my number one professional goal… to see people living beyond Earth’s orbit. Like on the Moon, or preferably, Mars.

What’s with the ADHD in the title? I have been diagnosed with it and it’s probably the reason I’m writing this instead of working on a lab report. My wife is going to yell at me for this but that’s OK. I love you babygirl!  I expect ADHD to be a part of this site as well as other aspects of my life as a full time student and family man. It’s going to be interesting…. if I ever post again! Ooh look… a squirrel!