Why Mars?

Why Mars?
Let’s start with a larger issue. Life, as far as we know, has developed only upon this planet. This pale blue dot in a vast, black, radioactive, cold, and airless, wilderness. We may never know if there is other life out there. Because of this certainty (life exists here, intelligent life) and this uncertainty (life may exist only here), we have been given a mandate by the universe:
It is our responsibility to ensure the continuation of life in the universe.
So where do we start? We have hardly a toe hole compared to what we need. Our first real step in realizing our mandate is to become a multi-planet, space faring species.
That is where Mars comes in.
We know that eventually, the Earth will die. Quite likely it will be impacted by a large rock, killing most or all forms of life. Definitely, the Sun will expand and warm, cooking the surface of the Earth and eventually engulfing it.
We must begin to venture out into space and make it our home.
We will begin with Mars.
Our population is growing, and so is our demand that Mother Earth support us. Food, water, and other resources are limited. Population control would be impossible without a one world government. Something we will probably not see before demand is greater than supply, leading to famine, war, and general human suffering. We need a release valve.
We have Mars
Since leaving Africa, humanity has steadily spread across the globe. In search of freedom, riches, and what’s around the next bend, over the next mountain. As populations grow, as needs increase, there is a demand for expansion, to release the pressure a bit. While most people will be content to live in the relative safety and comfort of their well-controlled cities and agricultural systems, there are those who feel the need to go out into the wilderness, to explore, to take great risk to self and others for the sake of freedom, knowledge, and adventure. These are the ones who are at the forefront of humanity. They are the leading edge our expansion. Today, there are fewer and fewer real frontiers. The entire globe has been mapped and imaged by satellite. What is left? Where will we expand to next?
There is Mars.
It takes more than courage and strength. It takes more than a horse and gun. Today’s explorers are the best that humanity has to offer.
They will have Mars.
You will have Mars.